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Hi guys. Sorry about all the problems with the cable modem lately. If luck holds we will find ourselves back with a T or something. Anyway…over the weekend Tat’s tooth took a serious turn for bad and she spent much of the weekend in pain. Today we took her to the dentist and he gave her serious drugs to help her get the infection under control so that they can relieve the pressure in the tooth tomorrow with out her hitting the roof. Right now the slightest touch to her tooth makes her head want to explode. So she’s staying the night here at our place so she can go in tomorrow. She’s wapped out on her pain meds to help her sleep.

Daddy didn’t get any sleep Sunday into Monday and worked until 10pm tonight so he’s going to pretty much fall into a coma as well. Since I am always up for a nap, and I don’t want to wake up Tat while she sleeps on the computer room floor (not having space in our house does that) I’m going to join the ranks of the sleepy.

Our schedule looks something like this:
Tuesday – Kimi Dr appointment at 11:20 to find out about her current meds and going back on Depo. Tat in at noon to get her tooth fixed. Kimi at the gym at 3:30 for her trainer appointment. Who knows the rest of the night.
Wed – Kimi goes to her first theripst appointment with a new person at 7pm.

We’ll see you soon. K