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Lj_dawn05cI gave a reading to a friend of Tat’s today. I was a little nervous because sometimes I don’t have very much confidence in my talent. But I’m really glad I got to give her a reading. Besides the fact that the reading went really well, later after it, I started thinking and got a lot of really good ideas for what I want to put on my Gifted-Reader site. I’m hoping to make it into a WordPress site with Daddy’s help soon. I want to get started on it to get more clients not associated with Keen.

It led me to thinking about another area of the “psychic” realm. I’ve only ever concentrated on Tarot for tarot’s sake. I started thinking about the FAQ and what I wanted to put on it. What things I could and couldn’t answer. It occurred to me that there MIGHT be a way for me to try and do Mediumship. If I use the Tarot as a means of contact it’s possible that I could connect. So…if there is anyone who is willing to let me try and do a reading that way contact me and I’ll give you a free reading for let me “test” it. (For those that aren’t sure what I mean…I’m seeking someone who has had a friend or loved one die who’d like to try and see if I can use my cards to “speak” to them). I want to put here real quick that I’m not taking this as a joke. Death is serious to me and I’m still unsure myself what happens to someone when they die. But I’d like to try the experiment. Let me know.