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After finishing my Prologue and first two chapters yesterday with a total of 5266 words (26 pages) I sent off the file to a few people for critique. Everyone that read it seemed to like it and after incorporating some of their comments I was able to add 579 words today while explaining some things that were confusing in those three chapters.

These core people are really great and I appreciate the patience as I keep updating and sending files.  I’m not letting the whole world read my unfinished novel but I want to be able to clear up at least a majority of the problems as I write if I can.

Tomorrow I’ll start on Chapter 3 or pick a scene I know needs to be written if I can’t get 3 going. I’m trying to decide if I need to make the external plot of Keilee getting her job a bit more interesting. I think if I do I can manage to intertwine it decently with the main plot. But after reading Deborah’s last blog entry I find it a little daunting to think of needing to write 400 pages and only being on page 28 with just the main plot.

I think I also need to add a scene where the villain breaks into the house to give Kei and Emma a feeling of less security. I might even need to have Kei attacked more then just the once to make her growth more apparent. The thing she’s suppose to come away from in this book with is that even though she has book smarts, she has some physical ability too which she currently feels she’s lacking.

The Lillian up-ping the ante just fits in with the fact that I want him to become more desperate as he tries to figure out how to accomplish his goals.

Club 100 for Writers
      Day 3 of 3

In karate news, Sensei comes back tomorrow but will be officially back for my class on Thursday. Daddy said that some of the things I didn’t do as well in last class Sensei was here for got a bit better. It was hard to see while I was in the fight. I didn’t think I came away from them doing better at all but he saw more of it then I did. I asked Sensei B if he remembers having told me that I am on my heel when I kick before. He said that no he didn’t notice it or mention it really. HA….see! But then followed it up with …if Sensei said so…then it’s so. :grumble: I hate the Dom’s always right rule.

Tomorrow I am Daddy’s magic assistant as we melt aluminium. :ta da: (Don’t ask – I’m sure he’ll blog about it)