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So daddy calls me over and shows me this link (not work safe)….I am decidedly old. My first thought after seeing this girl who is apparently stalking some guy, and thinks she’s going to talk him into being with her by stripping in the video is…she is going to want to kill herself when she’s older.

She’s going to look back on that video, the fact that it’s so popular that it’s got people doing “remixes” of it and transcripts of the damn thing and go “what the flip was on my mind” then plot the ways she can bury her head in the sand. Why do I know? Because I have done things in my past (not anything near like this) but I look back at them and go “I can’t believe I did that…what was I thinking? How hard were people laughing at me because I did it? What must they think of me?? Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!” And this screams those things all over.

But you can’t tell a teenager that. To her and I’m sure other teens…this looks like a brilliant way to proclaim your love or desire for someone. Thank god for the internet (sarcasm). So…I’m old. Just thought I’d tell ya.

And yes…I know I am perpetuating her demise but being another person who’s linking to her…but she should of thought of that before she did the damn thing!

P.S…..I got another recurring role in an upcoming Audio Drama. I’ll post the link when it goes live.