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Angels, guns and miniskirts.

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Excited about Having a Book

So I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty darn excited about having a book published. I have so much I want to talk about over at and I would suggest that if you are interested in the process you might go subscribe or check often because I...

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Just a few days to join…

There are just a few days left to join the mailing list to get early access to some important links and to win a free Print copy of Awakened. Just go to the Home page and join the mailing list. I promise your name won’t be used anywhere else and I don’t...

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I have an ISBN Number!!

Ok so I’m really excited! Things are moving along really great. I have decided not to add any bonus material to the end of the book. This means there will be some stories that will go to newsletter holders and some that will be distributed widely. The newsletter...

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