Ok wow…

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1) It’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated and for that I’m sorry. So much has happened. 2) I was noticing today that this site’s journal entries go back 10 years. That’s …amazing. Obviously for those who first came to the site in 95, you know it was very different. A porn site at first and then a webcam … Read More

kimikodreamsOk wow…

Excuse me..are my intestines showing?

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Up until today I thought I’d lived through a really stressful period in my life. Honestly, I really didn’t see how it could get much more stressful then I spent a few years ago. I’m reminded of “Kill Bill”. “You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you?” “Yeah…I really kinda did.” Two weeks ago when I … Read More

kimikodreamsExcuse me..are my intestines showing?

Another Update – What’s going on Now??

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Hey gang! Wow when it rains it pours…or maybe that’s just a framing thing. You all know about what my plans were in June about getting my health and meds straightened out. Here is it in August and it’s not fully settled but we’ve gone through some changes and in the mean time more things have hit the fan causing … Read More

kimikodreamsAnother Update – What’s going on Now??

The real deets with my current state of being

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Its been so long since I’ve updated here I can’t even remember what I said last. No I’m not cheating by going and looking it up. As you know most of my time is spent working on TaleChasing or GuardiansNovel. Almost every other lifestyle update goes on twitter. However, this post kind of applies to all of them and it’s … Read More

kimikodreamsThe real deets with my current state of being

Chapter 2 of Guardians is LIVE

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Chapter 2 of Guardians is live and kicking! The Story up to now: Regan, a bodyguard for celebrities and socialites, escorts the mayor’s son to a museum benefit for a religious archeologist seeking more money. Before we get to find out much about the Dr or the people at the party, we find out that her contact Andre is missing, … Read More

kimikodreamsChapter 2 of Guardians is LIVE

Win a 4GB Zune at Balticon (Giving away 2)

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To celebrate the release of my first chapter of Guardians at Balticon, I am giving away 2 4gig Zunes and maybe a few other small prizes. There are a few ways for you to enter and win one of these great prizes!! The easiest way is to come to the LIVE taping of TaleChasing on Sunday at 6pm in the … Read More

kimikodreamsWin a 4GB Zune at Balticon (Giving away 2)

Angellus Journals: 10 Live!

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It was a little slow coming out but Angellus Journals: 10 is up and alive. (Johnny 5 is alive!) Things are so crazy while I get ready for Balticon next week, and I have been trying to head off the flue that I slipped a bit on my time release. But I believe this is the best question answered so … Read More

kimikodreamsAngellus Journals: 10 Live!

New Angellus Journals Up

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#7 is out and I’m very excited. It’s only a few more weeks until the release of the first chapter!! Angellus Journal #7 is up where I’m is asked what she recommends reading wise to help you prepare of Guardians release on May 22nd. Many great things are in the works including: a cover, a prize giveaway at Balticon, and … Read More

kimikodreamsNew Angellus Journals Up

Look an update!

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So after getting an IM from an old friend today I realized that I haven’t really been sharing much of what’s going on in my life with any of you guys who read the blog. I mostly assume people are keeping up with me via my Twitters or the TaleChasing site. Granted, even over there I need to update but….you … Read More

kimikodreamsLook an update!