I'm Safe!




The Web Fire Escape is a simple device which has been designed to allow readers of weblogs to instantly replace a Web Fire Escape equipped blog with an alternate work-safe site or a fake word processor or spreadsheet application. When you see a weblog with the Web Fire Escape equipped button you can be sure that career salvation is only a click away should a work colleague or manager approach your desk whilst you are catching up with your daily blogs.

Clicking the Web Fire Escape button on a weblog or website, transports you instantly to an alternative work-safe website or to an authentic-looking dummy application window – an MS-Word document and fake MS-Excel spreadsheet window in version 1.0.

What’s more, there’s also the option of setting a custom escape route cookie on your browser, so that you can escape from any Web Fire Escape equipped blog to the safe destination of your choosing, for example your own company website. Escape being fired with the Web Fire Escape today!

Convince other sites to become Web Fire Escape complient!