Ok…give me your thoughts…

As you can see…I have a picture here from Flickr. It’s a really cool way to post pictures up to your blog and to the net to allow people to see them. I have been using TextAmerica and using the side bar to let you know when I update a picture. You can have it send you a notification as well. The only thing TextAmerica doesn’t do for me as much as I’d like is allow people to search for my pictures by tags. It would give me a ton of site exposure to have my picutres over at Flickr.

Flickr is a pay thing if I want to be able to post unlimited pictures per month and keep a record of all my pictures on the page. It will show only the most recent 200 pictures if you don’t have a member acct. It seems that if I want to start using flickr…the best way for YOU to keep updated with images is to get the RSS feed of the Flickr page or look at all my posts in the Flickr Category.

Anyone have opinions? I’m sure there will be a plugin eventually for some of that stuff but it seems it would mostly have to be done via links at the moment.

I may very well start sending out invitations to you all from Flickr so you can have the page I update. But if you want to make sure you are made into one of my Flickr contacts go and sign up for free then search for [email protected], then add me as a contact.