Another long one…

Chatnoir1139206281_iaaOk..where to start. In a bit I’m gonna go play CoH for a while but a few things sparked my urge to write.  This is gonna be very random and wild thought process here. I’ll just warn you.

* I’m so into me that I check my stats constantly. I check my stats almost as much as I check my mail. There’s a word for that but I can’t think of it right now.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing some hits from very old links from when the site first went up. Which led me to this one. Every time I read this article I get pissed off. The first paragraph is horrible. The rest of what she wrote about me was ok. I never got any creative control in this article. They didn’t show it to me before it was published. I got some great small pictures out of the deal that are around here somewhere. I get some decent traffic but every time I read how she describes me, especially on this link cause it has no accompanying picture, I wince. Oh well…what are you going to do?

*I got suckered last night. Compliment me…offer to draw me…and I’ll put up with apparently a lot in order to get the picture. I’d like to claim my 5 point flaw here but I don’t know if it’ll stand up in court. (5 point flaw – must talk to idiots) So this guy messages me from yahoo last night. He compliments me. Tells me I’m beautiful. I say thanks he says he draws and would like to make a sketch of me. Hey I’m all for that. I’m still looking for someone to draw me in super hero style and help me with a dragon tattoo. So it’s not a stretch that I’d be thrilled at the offer. He shows me a picture he did of Jesus and it’s really good. Then he tells me that he wants to see my camera cause he draws best from that. I tell him that he can get the pic on my blog cause it’s from a camera and my webcam isn’t up yet. We go through this and that and I finally agree to let him look at my cam via yahoo.

He then tells me that he wants me to go change into a tank top. Uh no…I’m not playing dress up. You guys know me…I like comfy clothing. I like t-shirts. But he’s not happy with it. I tell him it doesn’t matter what kind of shirt I’m wearing…he’s drawing it…he can draw me in a t-shirt. He had asked if I wanted a hot or naughty picture and I’d said hot. Apparently that meant I had to go change. But anyway, we argue and I’m not happy about him NEEDING me to change my shirt in order to draw me. I tell him “next you’ll be telling me I have to take off my shirt if you want to draw me naughty.” I’m starting to think more and more that he’s not over there drawing…he’s over there having a grand ole wank fest. I even tell him that the way he’s talking it’s fishy. I finally decide…fine…I’ll go put on a damn lighter colored shirt. I am in the dark after all. So I come back and now…I have to stand up so he can see my shoulders to waist. What the fuck…I told him I was working and that he’d have to draw me while I did other things. Now I’m fricken posing? No…not only no but hell no.

I can’t help…5 point flaw…I argue with him for about 15 more minutes about how slimy it looks that I have to stand up…I have to change my shirt. He has to see my tummy. No…he doesn’t. He’s drawing my face. Who cares what my tummy looks like. Not to mention that I didn’t happen to like the shirt I put on and I’m now feeling less and less attractive. So I turn off my cam and he huffs then sends me a picture of some girl he drew in email as “proof” that he really does draw when he says he is. I don’t buy it. I buy it even less after I’ve gotten 5 messages from him at various times today asking to see my cam. Yeah…you blend. Paint sucker on my forehead now.

*Karate was cool today. I got to help Sensei print out some pictures from his digital camera we got him. By the time we were done he was using the computer pretty much on his own.  When we were done I went downstairs to finish up my class and incidently held the pad for one of the guys. Sadly…I picked the side that the bruise is on. So when he went full out pounding the pad for 20 seconds and I put my shoulder into it to not get thrown back…yeah…it kinda hurt. LOL But it was amusing as hell. I showed him the bruise and I knew he’d want to know how I got it. I told him it wasn’t important. That it wasn’t bad. That’s the only hard thing to explain to people who aren’t in the lifestyle. It’s very hard to get around the “you don’t hit girls” thing. He does know about my lifestyle and mostly can’t get over the fact that I have no say about when and if I get sex. All I can do is show that I’m happy where I am and sane enough to stay.  You can’t really argue with that and I wouldn’t listen if you tried.  Anyway…Daddy was amused as hell at the shoulder thing. I’m glad he finds it funny and we aren’t thinking about why I got it.  I’d worry about me if “I” let that part go completely.

*New thing added to the side menu. Google accepted me for their Ad program. Don’t know if I’ll make any cash from it but every little bit helps when you are saving up for med stuff. Daddy is going to help me separate out the links so I can have sub sections under it. We’re still working on adding the recent flickr images but I think for now, since it’s free I’m going to use both TA and Flickr. Flickr has everything but the notification it seems. Almost everyone I sent out an invite to accepted but I still don’t know that anyone will go there to look if it’s not prompted somehow.

I’m working on some other banners to have rotating banners. We’ll be adding the cam again when I can set him down to help me with that. It’ll likely be a flash remote but I’m to dumb to figure out code like that that won’t break the site. Seems like every time I try to add something myself it breaks the site and I need his help anyway. It’s very frustrating. I’m going to add a link under pages for the chat so it’s more likely to be used. And that’s all I got planned for right now.

*Tomorrow Daddy’s mom is going with me to apply for Charity Care and then I have my Psych appt. Hopefully I get meds tomorrow. I have to be back here by 3 so Daddy can head down and pick up a check then go to Tat’s. No big plans yet for what I’m doing tomorrow night other then the fact that I gotta workout, do my pushups and situps, read and probably pick up since he’ll be out of the house. So I guess I do have plans. LOL

Been feeling ok. Today I was really down and it was hard to get past mistakes I made. Karate help break that a bit and I’m dealing pretty well now but the headache I had when I woke up to help Tat get out of here is STILL hanging on. Can’t see me playing CoH long tonight. I gotta get up early and the head thing is killing me. Oh well…such is life.

More cool stuff tomorrow.