Karate and kicken superhero butt



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Just a quick yay me! I had a great night at karate. Sensei busted me as soon as I got in the door cause he had asked me to get something for him last week and I’d forgotten. I went home and got it for him. He gave me crap about going all the way home just for that but whatever. I ended up being able to get him what he needed for PTI and that set me off to a good start. I was just in a good mood period.

Sensei B said my first set of pushups looked good and that I did them very “timely”. He also saw that I kept up with the guys. He said “you held your own”. Nice to hear. Sadly Sensei wasn’t watching but Sensei B said he saw and that usually means he’ll put in a good word eventually. Daddy said I looked really good when I was fighting tonight. Said Sensei watched me and he didn’t yell so that’s a good sign. I didn’t hurt my arm either. I was really worried that now we can start hitting I’m going to block and my arms going to get hit and become useless. I’m trying to just keep it tucked against my body to prevent that though.

So all in all….a great night. I played a little COH when I got home. Man am I anxious for COV. From what I keep hearing it kicks ass! I can’t wait.

Ok…off for a bit.