A big update

So I have a couple things to talk about in this post. You should hit “more” now and just get on with it

* Updating your computer
* Xmas
*New Year’s Resolutions
*Coming thoughts…

Ok…for those of you who I didn’t send mail to, there had been a very nasty virus circulating the net. It was a big problem because it was easy to get if you opened pictures from anyone. Nasty when you have no idea that it’s in that form. You should go now and update your machine from Windows Update to make sure you are protected.

I had a really good Xmas. I got a lot of really nice things. This xmas was one where we all pretty much knew what we were getting. I had decided not to surprise Daddy with anything because of the nightmare the Xbox thing turned into. So while he wasn’t sure what he was getting, he knew it was a possibility because I double checked to make sure it was ok to get. LOL

A list of my loot follows: lots of books I wanted on my amazon list that mainly have to do with demons and unnatural creatures, the witch encyclopedia, stuff on magic, and several books from series I am reading. I got some great lounging/workout clothes. Mr. and Mrs Smith came from Daddy. Don’t forget I got an I-pod w/ Video 60Gig for my birthday. Some misc odds and ends as well. Now….the grand daddy prize.

So we are at Tat’s and her brother gives her her present from him. She unwraps it and it’s a 17″ flat panel monitor. I stick my tongue out at her cause this makes the 2nd flat panel she has. Daddy has two…I’ve been wanting one. We finish up gifts and she looks at her brother and confesses she already has a monitor and is it ok if she re-gifts it. He says sure (though not really thinking about the cost of his re-gifted monitor I’m thinking) and Tat proceeds to hand it to me. I got so excited I think I squealed before I hugged her. I felt kind of bad taking such an expensive gift but promised her brother I would cat sit the next time he needed someone.  So…I got an awesome flat panel monitor!

New Year’s Resolutions….

Everyone has them. I’ve decided I’m making fitness and health my number 1 priority (after daddy) until I hit my goal. My writing will come in just under that but I am going to make up a schedule for cardio and weights. Work on eating well and getting in all my protein, taking care of my face and teeth, taking proper supplements and NOT the crappy fat burners/carb supplements. I think I’m going to start on Monday with this because I’m still just under 100 percent well so a few more days of rest won’t hurt. Tonight at karate I pushed myself through it cause I couldn’t afford to skip any more classes. I got through ok though I hurt my arm blocking. Daddy is going to take me to get a standing punching back so I can work on my punches. I punch ok but not hard enough and he doesn’t have the time to practice with me. This is something that has to be improved before my test.

Upcoming thoughts…

I still need to write my journal about Dark Odyssey. Next weekend, a friend of Daddy’s asked me to share my thoughts on it so it would be good to get my thoughts down. Next weekend, Daddy is giving a 3 hour workshop on Basic D/s that I’m attending. I’m looking forward to it. That same day Tat starts her classes so it’s unclear if she can come or not. I’m looking forward to asking if I can spend the night next weekend cause I want to hang out with her. I feel like we got closer during DO and I’m just feeling “girlfriend-ish” and want to spend some time with her. This weekend she is going out of town so I can’t stay over tomorrow. But I figure I’ll stay with her Friday and then Daddy will hang with her Sat and/or Sun.

I’ve been really getting into my i-pod and my current favourite music is Craig David. You should hear him if you don’t know him. Not sure why I put this thought here but I did. I’ve been playing COV in my spare time and I’ve helped our Super Group set up a web page to keep up communication off site.

The book has slowed down. I have been thinking about it when I’m idle and I have my new books to look through for ideas/research. I want to start writing more here soon. I’ll share more about that all later too.

I also have pictures from our trip to put up on flickr. More soon!