Not much to write. Been trying to think about what I want to say about DO but there really isn’t much to write about. We had a really good time. I played with Tat on Sunday night. It was really amusing. ๐Ÿ˜› (more later)

I’m still trying hard to get over being sick. I was hoping to start my workouts but my arm got hurt during Thursday’s class and I’ve been trying to let it get better. I’ll have to do cardio tomorrow though and maybe a bit of weights. Daddy is pretty much gone all day tomorrow and tomorrow night.

I’ve had a few hits from people in my FTM search. Most of them are guys who want to know what ftm means. If they don’t know they aren’t. ๐Ÿ˜› As usual…alot of people who don’t read my profile…etc etc Enough to make you want to roll your eyes.

I’ve decided I’m going to write a story about my COV character to get myself in writing mode. It’ll be a short story and hopefully good practice.

And last on the updates list is to tell you that Daddy is giving a Basic D/s class this weekend. It’s a 3 hour workshop. Feel free to drop by.