WoW pics and update





Hey everyone. Here’s some pics from WoW.  I’ve been having a blast and am looking forward to more stuff. I hope to maybe get Daddy to get a gallery up for me so it’s easier and faster to put up pics. I love taking screen shots.

1) Timber – Lv 15 Warlock (human)
2) Timber riding a griffin
3) Kielee – Lv 11 Druid (night elf)
4) Kielee riding a griffin

Karate is going well. I did tonight’s class and even though Sensei put us through hell I came out ok. I obviously couldn’t really do the pushups but I did as much as I could. I did everything else with little to no problem. He didn’t give me any shit except when we were going home where he said my face was all red. I told him yeah but I’m not breathing hard. My arm hurts but part of that is from taking a hit to it. Daddy had me fight one of the bigger guys in class. I was so proud of myself. I wanted to stop fighting after that match but I put my stuff back on. We are teaching tomorrow but we have Friday off.

Last but not least…please take a second and go vote for my cousin over at this site. He has a story he’s entered. His entry is #38. Thanks