Quick update

Not much going on. Just dropping a note to say hi and give ya updates about life. WoW is going well. My guild rocks and they have all been really helpful. I’m lv 22 now and have actually gone out to do PVP. Being a warlock is pretty useful to the Battle Grounds because I can “fear” the person taking the flag which gives the others time to jump on him while he runs around without control of his character. I definately wouldn’t want to heal in PVP I don’t think. Everyone running around would drive me crazy. Perhaps a Pally would be good for that too though.

I’ve been hitting the BG with two of my guild mates and none of us really know what we are doing. We are all excited about it so we’ve managed to hook up a few times. I have to be careful though, if all I do is BG then I’ll never lv. LOL I did however get 108 assisted kills between yesterday and today. I won’t know what my rank is until Tuesday though. I’ll try and get more pics up soon.

Our guild has a vent server so we can all talk to each other while we play via voice. The guys give me TONS of shit for being a webcam girl. I’ve used it a few times to benefit from the typical generosity guys seem to give to girl players. But daddy has pointed out now and then that I kinda whine so I’m gonna work on not doing that anymore.

People from LJ will notice they can read my posts again. Feel free to tell your friends to get my syndicated or rss feed to add now that it’s working again. Daddy found some cool ways for us to improve our RSS feed so it should look better and be more helpful to the site and you.

Karate is going ok. I wanted to work out today but a headache came that was too strong to push through. I did do pushups and situps yesterday so I guess today was my build day. I’ll take whatever hit I get tomorrow night. I’ll have a week or so to work up before Sensei comes back from his vacation after tomorrow night.

Tat, Daddy, and I are going to get our picture taken professionally for VDay.  It’ll be nice to have a good picture of the three of us and she’s been wanting one for a while. I like getting to be the girlfriend. I have no idea what I’m going to get her for VDay though. I have to really think about it. Daddy always has flowers covered and it’s more appropriate for her to get at work anyway. I’m always tempted to put in one flower from me but then it seems like I might be butting in on “his” gift. Oh well, who knows.

Ever since Daddy gave me a card that went something along the lines of “I wanted to give this card to someone who was smart, funny, intelligent, pretty, yada yada yada…but I had a card for Tat” he’s been less then thrilled to give me a card cause neither of us were amused by it. He thought it was funny as hell and it did have a certain cleverness to it. LOL but it’s a girl’s holiday so what do you want?

I’m just happy to have both Tat and Daddy. I want the gifts and all but I’d be unhappy not to have them in my life.

Enough sap…I’m off to sleep. Laters gang!