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So many thoughts…so many things I want to say. Not enough time or full desire to write them all out. Tonight was my first night back to karate in a week cause of the tooth thing. I’ve been having horrible headaches from a sinus infection/allergies thing and I think the fact that the root canal is still infected isn’t helping. I wanted to badly to bow out of the exercises but I did that whole “lying to myself” thing most the way through it. I did everything slow. I didn’t do all my abs or nearly half of my pushups. Sensei never said anything but I know he was watching everyone and it would have been hard to miss me simply not doing them. I also bowed out of doing the move. They would have tossed me over their hip and I would have thrown up. But I did the class so that’s most of what I care about. On a high note, Sensei asked me what name and how I wanted it spelled for the Black Belt he’s going to be ordering. He did this for all of the brown belts but to be on that list…makes me very happy. He could have just as easily left me off the list of people. So..yay!

I’m sure alot of people reading my blog might be wondering how come I’m always mentioning these guys I meet on SL and what’s up with that. LOL wait till I tell you about the one I’m working on in RL.  No, this doesn’t mean I’m unhappy here. No, it doesn’t mean I’m planning on leaving. Nope…Daddy’s not mad as long as I get my other things done and my priorities are straight. He’s always said girls are free and I have to ask for the guys…but as long as it’s all on the up and up I’m free to flirt and maybe more.  So I’ve been kinda taking advantage of it a bit. I like the feeling of being wanted, of being attractive to people…that “high school” feeling where fore-play is hotter then even thinking about the sex that’s coming after wards. Who doesn’t? So maybe that will give you a little insight to why I’ve been mentioning the guys/girls I’ve been flirting with (yeah I know I haven’t told you about all the sl girls I’ve been hitting on…with sl..they are probably guys anyway LOL).

You guys haven’t met my really good friend Jazz in SL, he’s been a doll and I couldn’t get along with out him. The picture of the guy I took yesterday, Ardent is a new friend from Scotland and is seriously sarcastic. He’s a riot! LOL And that’s about the extent of my current infatuation. LOL Well there is a really cute girl named Krissy….LOL But anyway…

All I know is that no one is worth risking what I have here with Daddy and Tat. I love them to death and would be seriously unhappy without them. And I’m happy that there is at least one person I know who gets that.

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