Happy…Stressed…I don't know anymore…LOL

Hey there! Well I got to see Aiden. He’s SOOO cute. OMG and so tiny. The picture makes him look so much bigger then he really is. He’s about as big as a shoe and a sweetheart. He warmed up to me pretty quickly and LOVES my hair. You’d think it was made of catnip. *laugh* He spent alot of time burried into my hair, bitting my toes, or combatting those evil shoe laces! Oh…and chirping like a squirl at the birds out the window. LOL

Needless to say I got to visit Adam too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He was so tired from working and then basically coming to pick me up that we mostly just chilled out and napped. I woke him up a few times and we did manage to get our lazy butts out of the bed to go down to Diamondz for a bite to eat. It so wasn’t enough time. LOL I’m already looking foward to Thursday and getting 4 days with him.

I managed NOT to wreck his truck despite my nerves about having him in the passanger seat. So that was good. And we both had a great time this morning chuckling during breakfast with Daddy and Tat.

Adam’s friend, Sasha gave him two decks of tarot cards to give to me and they rock. Both are vampire themed and decks I’ve wanted for a while. The deck that is very “White Wolf” looks really interesting and something I could eventually read with after I figure out their symbology. They don’t match the typical symbology on RW cards but I think it could be a great intuitive deck to use. Maybe if I have enough time I’ll work with them before TesFest and take them with me as an option for Saturday night’s readings.

I all night tonight working on the TF Security schedule and am in the process of trying to send out everyone’s schedules and then NOT tear out my hair when the write back and tell me that they don’t want to work those hours. I really thought I managed to slot people around the times they said they didn’t want to work. I think the surprise is coming when they realize that I have spots open 24/7 and when I said where there anytimes you didn’t want to work…I was including the “wee” hours of the morning in that list. Oh well…we’re back up to needing to fill 90 hours. I suppose it could be worse.

Other then the fun scheduling, I spent alot of time texting with Adam. I only felt a little bad that it meant he was watching a movie, texting me, and hanging out with Sasha at the same time. Hey he could have told me we’d talk later. ๐Ÿ˜›

I think I’m off to nap for a bit and then get back up and hit the scheduling again. My eyes are starting to cross and my brain is frying trying to shuffle people I’ve already slated. I’m off to dream of scenes and distractions I hope happen this coming weekend and snuggling up with Stitch and the heavenly smell of Drakkar!