Down to the wire…



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Well we’re getting really close to doing instead of planning. In several hours we’ll be heading out of here to get on a train to head down to Tat’s for TESFest. I still have several spots open but amazingly enough I’m not freaking the hell out. Volunteering has said they’ll help me find people at the event and I have other people I can call in case of an emergency need to fill in. 007 is being a doll and has already basically planned to fill in on spots that require it.

This TESFest is so different then the last one.

I realized tonight on the phone talking to 007 that last time I did this, while I had Daddy around to head things and could sometimes ask Tat to check on someone, and the VC went to check on a few people…it was little ole me behind the scenes freaking the hell out by myself and checking in on EVERYONE. Thank god I had a scooter at the time. This year 007 will have a copy of the list as well as a walkie talkie and he will be helping me check in on people, offer bathroom breaks, and essentially taking some of the hideous 24/7ness of the job off my tiny little shoulders. That’s actually really nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are some things I’ve learned??? Ug…I hate lessons. Well I learned that despite the fact that I’ve been doing the leg work for scheduling…this is NOT my full responsilbity nor should it be. There have been important converstations and decisions made by Daddy and the higher ups and I really should have been checking in just to double check and/or ask questions. This is not a “I need to do x…do it.” This is a “i think I need to do x…daddy do i need to do x?” This seems to be a small issue on a lot of levels. I’m not the good decision maker. That’s why HE is. I spend so much time thinking I should not be having to have him micro-manage that I take alot of the decisions he should be making away from him and it usually doesn’t end up well. Hmmm…hopefully I’ve learned that a little here. Nah..probably not….but let’s hope shall we?

I’ve gotten alot of nice comments from my security people. Many thank you’s. Not to many bitched people. I’ve done everything in my power to help them get hours they are ok with. In my opinion there isn’t anyone who isn’t working a time they didn’t agree to so everyone should be hunky dory.

I still have to pack later and do a few last minute prep things for Security before we leave around 7 or so? We are taking the train down and Adamร‚ย is coming to pick us up and drop Daddy at Tat’s then take me to the hotel so I can stay over tonight with him.

Have I mentioned what a complete doll he’s being about everything?? SSSHHHHHH it’s a secret…he is NOT sweet. I repeat he is NOT sweet. *whisper* He has really made an effort to keep me calm and assure me that he understands that this is going to be a small juggling act for me. He’s reminded me that he knows I have to serve Daddy during the event and that Daddy comes first. He hasn’t given me one moment of stress or guilt about the fact that I may have to stop what I’m doing with him and run off to help Daddy, Flagg, someone in security, Tat, or god knows what and it’s been SOO helpful. And while I don’t expect him to hang out with me while I have to do all this work, I know that if he’s not busy he’s probably going to keep me company and KEEP ME SANE. He hasn’t complained about coming to get me or helping me drive someone if I need it. I really need to do something nice for this boy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Suggestions are welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright…I’m back off to nap for a few before I have to get up and start “imping”. Please send me ALL your positive thoughts for the minimal amount of mistakes and problems during this event. I really really need it.ร‚ย