Medical stuff….meh

Ok first…I HATE my glasses. Not only do I not like how I look with them on but they hurt. *pout* I get to go to the dr. tomorrow before karate and get my eyes examined and then get contacts! Yay! Right now the size of the headache I have is enormous. After I write this up I’m going to be heading back to a hole to not look at anything.

I spent a good deal of time today trying to get my meds that I’ve run out of. I went up to see the Dr. on call like my new Dr. told me to do and they emphatically said no. They want me to come back up and talk to the Dr. who’s only there two times a week and maybe if I’m lucky she’ll break off some time for me. So I’m considering continuing to use the St. John’s Wort and add the Kava Kava since the rest of the meds are done now. I spoke with one of the dr’s there and also a pharmacist and they said it would be perfectly fine. Would save me money and time too.

Still crossing my fingers for the weekend….I had more…I can’t think. I’ll type it at you later. I’m going to be posting a link post of things you should go check out since you probably don’t look at the menu side often. ๐Ÿ™‚ Things like podcasts from members of the Estate, important family links…etc.

Oh…and btw…the webcam is back up. If I’m at my desk…you’ll see me.