A note and the Volunteer Party

Wow this might be a long post. I have a few things I want to talk about. Let me say as a webmaster…there should be stuff in the side bar. I’m not sure why there isn’t. Daddy’s going to help me fick it later. LOL So if you want the sidebar stuff…hit another page.

So…first on the list…the TESFest Volunteer party went well. I was bummed that I couldn’t see Adam cause he’s sick. But the mature me was happy that he got to rest this weekend. He and I ended up texting a bit at the party after he woke up anyway.

I got to see alot of my security people and it was nice to know alot of people. Blaise gave me a ton of hugs and I got to watch him get beat up. It was way to hot and for a few mins there I would have happily sunk my fists into him. I’ve been aching to just punch someone that’s not gonna punch me back. LOL

Daddy was very popular and he and Flagg hung out for a while. Tat looked great in her black spandex straight jacket and boots. None of us played but it didn’t really seem like the night for it. I did get a back rub at the end of the night. One of my volunteers had heard that Lexi was going to give me one. She had been busy so I didn’t bug her for it and he asked if I’d gotten one. I said no and he offered to do it. He’s a nice guy and didn’t weird me out so I jumped on the opportunity. It’s weird how when I have to get naked like at the nude beach or if I’ve decided I want a real backrub I don’t have too much of an issue sheading clothing. Cause when I got on the bondage table I was like “screw this…I want a good one” and took my shirt off to lay on my stomache. Anyway..it was a really good back massage and it only ended when it did cause Daddy was ready to head out.

We basically closed out the party. I had a good time and Daddy and Tat both said I looked good! ๐Ÿ™‚