Win a 4GB Zune at Balticon (Giving away 2)




To celebrate the release of my first chapter of Guardians at Balticon, I am giving away 2 4gig Zunes and maybe a few other small prizes. There are a few ways for you to enter and win one of these great prizes!! The easiest way is to come to the LIVE taping of TaleChasing on Sunday at 6pm in the Chesapeake Suite. Everyone who comes and stays until the drawing will get a ticket to win one of the two zunes.

Or, if you’d like to get creative and get an extra chance to win all you have to do is find some way to advertise the url and name of Guardians, then track me down at the convention and get your extra ticket. Write it on yourself, write it on a t-shirt or make a paper hat, post it on a sign on your back. I’ll even help you, several places around the Con I’ll put some temporary tattoos. Find one, wear it, and show me! And last but not least if you make such a big splash with your advertisement that I spot YOU in the crowd, I’ll come and give you 2 tickets.

Now you’re saying…but how on earth will I find you? Easy…I’m on two other panels and you can find those in the Balticon schedule. I’ll be at many of the new media and podcasting panels. I’ll be at the New Media Party on Saturday night. And I have twitter and I’ll be posting where I”m at and what I’m doing!

So…the info you need to know:
What to advertise: Guardians and
My twitter acct: kimidreams
The drawing: Chesapeake Suite, Sunday at 6pm