The real deets with my current state of being

Its been so long since I’ve updated here I can’t even remember what I said last. No I’m not cheating by going and looking it up. As you know most of my time is spent working on TaleChasing or GuardiansNovel. Almost every other lifestyle update goes on twitter.

However, this post kind of applies to all of them and it’s too long for twitter. 🙂 So I’m updating you all here. 🙂

Ever since Oct 08 I’ve been working with an (as much as possible) honesty motto. This is hard to do when you’ve promised to be totally up front and above board with how you are doing your projects when you are slightly embarrassed and ashamed of some of the life-changes you are still working on changing. Things like procrastination, talking about your health (because it generally comes off whiny and honestly unless you’re waiting for a major organ transplant you aint got THAT much to complain about), bad habits, etc.

So for the keen observer I leave hints around when I’m less then eager to share what’s going on because I’m “ashamed” of what’s going on. When I say ashamed I’m not talking cause I’m like killing puppies and don’t want anyone to find out…I’m talking about sleeping more then I feel I should be, putting of working out or getting work on one of my projects done (no matter how legit, or not, the reasons) or just pissy, depressed or annoyed.

Over the last week and change I’ve been recovering from the flu and slowly really taking notice of how my medical cocktail seems to be failing me. I’m horridly tired constantly, I’m less then thrilled about doing things I WANT to do let alone things I need to do, I haven’t really talked to anyone, and my head has been killing me and I often feel sick.

So long story short and many tedious details left out, I went to the Dr today that we seem to like and just said…this is what’s going on…doesn’t seem like what I’m doing is working…what do we do? Here’s what the current plan is:

  • She’s going to cover me until I can replace my therapist and psychiatrist
  • She’s helping me find said doctors with the limits I have on my resources
  • I have to get a set schedule of sleep. I need to sleep regularly and for a decent amount of time without waking up in between. The intent is to try to normalize my sleep pattern (mood, body and headache)
  • I have to find an hour a day (and try and do it in some sort of schedule) to work out. Working up to at least an hour of cardio (help for my mood and my fitness health)
  • I need to eat 4 to 6 times a day working with the limits I have for calorie count and record it (mood and fitness as well as some headache maintenance)
  • I need to figure out how much caffeine I’m getting a day and regulate it. Don’t go over and don’t go under (this will help moderate some of my headaches)
  • She gave me prednisone to try and stop the headache cycle I’m in (cause it sux big time)
  • She gave me some pain meds to try that are different then what I’d been put on (she wasn’t happy with what they’d given me)
  • The plan is to change my mood meds once I get a different dr because what I have is obviously not right for me

So I have to start slowly doing this and keep a record of how it goes then see her in a week.

I’m writing about this for a few reasons:

  • My stated transparent policy – I hope that someone who has the same issues or is working on the same things realizes they aren’t alone or gets tips on how to help themselves through what I’m doing
  • I know many of you like to know what is going on with me and I don’t want to leave you in the dark when I feel ok about sharing
  • (And the hardest to write down) To give those who are following me and my projects an updated status to perhaps explain why things are going a little slower then we’d all like them – and to tell those people who are attempting similar projects that they aren’t alone if they have issues they are working to overcome while working their way to the top. 🙂

So there ya got it! 😉 What’s the plan and how does it fit with my projects?

  1. Start getting the headaches lower so I can function
  2. Start working on eating and sleeping right to help me be awake to function
  3. Get right on that therapist/psych to get the meds right so my motivation gets fixed
  4. Begin the workouts as soon as 1 is a bit better. Tiredness is easier to work through then pain. 🙂
  5. Start to slowly pick at my to do list (small stuff first) until 1 and 2 are starting to pick up and I can focus on more/larger to do things in a day (and not beat myself up about it or think that people think I’m horrible)

Some of you might be wondering what this means for the kind of alternative lifestyle I lead. The gist of my duties was mostly to be available 24/7 for Daddy. The main change which is scheduling sleep, food, and working out kind of hampers this a bit. The good news is he’s talked to me about it and totally on board with working with me and the Dr to make this happen. There is a lot to do as you can see from above but in general we’ll begin working on me getting food and working out set (we’re working on that anyway for our working goals). What that means for my frequent checks on him is that we’ll arrange a number of hours as downtime in a row to normalize my sleep. There’s more but it’s taken me like 2 hours to write this post and we can talk about it later.

As for Guardians and TaleChasing I’m still on track but while these few things get stable I’m a little slower on the deadlines. You’ll however be able to see how things are getting better as I get on a more maintainable and steady turn out schedule for those projects.

I understand that’s a lot of places to look and don’t expect you to. But this is where you’ll be able to look if you want to check in on how things are going. 🙂 I expect that Chapter 3 of Guardians will be released the second week of July due to issues with above and my actors being slightly unavailable this coming week. I’ll keep you up to date on that.

Yay! I finished the post. LOL