Ok wow…

1) It’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated and for that I’m sorry. So much has happened.

2) I was noticing today that this site’s journal entries go back 10 years. That’s …amazing. Obviously for those who first came to the site in 95, you know it was very different. A porn site at first and then a webcam site…and then it was turned into my personal journal. This site has been going almost as long as I’ve been in my relationship.

Anyway…..there are tons to update. There is some re-decorating that needs to be done. But we’ll take it one day at a time. Reading back from the beginning has me missing sharing day to day things.

I’ve been meaning to share some things in particular anyway like what’s up with those pesky headaches I had. How the depression is being handled. How my mom is doing. What was up with hearing we moved someone in to take care of her. How my dad’s doing and what is it we heard about him putting a tattoo of you on his chest?

So much to tell…and tell you I will.

But that’s it for now.