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It’s been a really long day for me and I am fading so quickly. I got up around 1pm. Ate a bit and headed out around 3 to hit the Dr ONCE again. I was going to ask them if maybe they could put me on weight loss pills. They told me that one of them wouldn’t work with the prozac I take, and the other two had terrible side effects. So the best I can do is work on my own. Watch what I eat. Be diligent about weight lifting and my cardio. I did go to the gym today. I got through 35 mins of full body weights and tried to take a step class. I only got through 15 mins of that. I think I should definately do weights after I do my cardio. I was pretty disgusted with myself. It made me mad and frustrated that I had planned to spend an hour or so doing weights and at least 30 mins of a step class. But I guess concidering I haven’t done weights for a while and I did them BEFORE i did cardio I did well. What I need to build up is muscle so that it burns the fat. And I can’t necessarily expect my muscles not to be sore and support me easily after I put them through their paces. So…as long as I went and did it….I guess I’m happy. Bed comes for me shortly….and for another long day ahead tomorrow.