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We got back from NC on Monday night after attending the NiCE conference where daddy spoke on Extreme Dominance. We had a really nice time and had great weather the whole trip. Our adventure to find a hotel room we felt like we could all sleep in was interesting, to say that least and Kat worked hard to make sure all the guests were taken care of to the best of her ability. 🙂

The other speakers were interesting and it gave me a chance to evaluate what my fetishes are. Up until the conference I had believed that “edge play” was among the things I liked. It turns out, however, that it’s not edge play I’m into…it just happens that a lot of things I find hot most OTHER people think is edgy. Let’s take for example knife play. Me? Sharp shiny things get me all squishy cause I’m just wired that way. For someone else who may have had a bad experience somewhere in life that involved a knife, a scene with one is pushing their limits and therefore is on the “edge”. So…it was interesting to learn the difference. 🙂

The only workshop that squicked me just a little was the one on Face Play. Silly me…I’m thinking slapping the face. Who knew you could do so many other things like oh…stick needles in the skin at the temples or dig the point of a knife into someone’s cheek bones until a tear of blood flowed down their face. Yeah ok…so I’m vain. Sue me. It was physically painful for me to watch the presenter take a little tiny mallet and tap it repeatedly as it sat perched on the bone between the eyes. I have headaches without accoutrements…I’ll pass thanks. 🙂

I have to tell you though (and yes I’ll join the throng of fans) other then Daddy my favorite part of the trip was listening to Fifth Angel talk, fighting with him to get out a little aggression, volunteering (without fighting back) to demo how you can use kicking in a scene, and the finale with him and Tat on Sunday night. I have pictures of my trophies that I will be happy to email to those of you I know who would like them. Just drop me an email and gasp in horror and wonder! 🙂

Watching the scene between Tat and Fifth Angel (because we’d won the raffle for 2 beautiful matching floggers that came with a scene with Fifth) was awe inspiring and horrifying at the same time. I would be a very bad spy. Hurt my sister and I’ll talk…I swear…that is if I don’t kill you first. I can’t really describe their scene and I’m sure she’ll write on it later on, except to say that not only was I extremely proud of her for how she handled the scene and its contents, but that the respect I already had for her rose 10 fold from it. I’m honestly not sure how well I would have survived it. The sane part says “and you never will”…the dare devil in me wants to go poke Fifth Angel the next time he’s free.

As a people watcher the small part of me that could detach myself from what I was watching, found Fifth Angel dreamy and scary in that Riddick kind of way. I’ve always fantasized about what Riddick would truly be like…I think I saw a piece of him last Sunday.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to see anyone’s “beast”. Perhaps I’m jonesing to take Daddy’s out to supper. It’s hard to say…all I can truly say for sure is that I’m glad that I got to be there for the experience.

The rest of this week has been Tat and I slowly making our way through life trying hard not to bump into anything. I believe the highlight of Tuesday night’s TES meeting was the circle where Tat and I got mostly naked to show off our marks. 🙂 Not only did I get to show off but I got to meet up with the boy and squish a little bit. 🙂 Both did great things for my mood. *grin*

Anyway…that’s my weekend report. Laters.