Jcsaves1391946230_iaaJust pointing out a few things. I still have long posts to write here soon but I’m not in any frame of mind to figure out what I want to say.

You’ll see some new things on the side. Pages….but they are still in progress. I’ll post when there is something on them to see. You can find a link to Blog Roll me on the bottom of the links section. That’s just a really fast way to link me if you want to. The categories are now Tag only. I’m still updating all the old posts and I have many more to add from the old KD. I also added my SuperGroup’s page from City of Heroes. You can get to it from the side menu under New Breed.

I updated Pop Angel with some great pics. I’d put them here but it would clutter the blog and we have Pop Angel for this kind of thing anyway….so go check them out.