Happy Mother's Day



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Aeolianafay1046672711_iaaIt’s been a pretty good Mother’s Day. Tat came over and we made baked ziti, salad, mozzarella and tomato appetizer, and lots of fruit for dessert. They really liked it and were happy to have had us cook.

I’ve made a few mistakes today one which caused a problem with the MD cards. I’m still a little confused about exactly what I did wrong but I guess the point is I should have asked what he wanted to do rather then decide or think I knew.

I wanted to write a lot but I’m not really up to. I’ll devote some time tomorrow I promise. I did however workout, do my pushups, and read some. I’ve got quite a bit of catch up work to do tomorrow. Bills and data entry. Plan to take some tarot calls as well. Daddy’s been looking into PodCasting. Wondering if that’s something I should look to do for here or for my tarot site. Opinions? Thoughts?