Still kicking

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. Been busy and out of the house. Nothing huge and exciting is going on. I’m fighting off a cold and trying to keep a grip on my motivation.


The good news is, even though I haven’t really been writing the book yet, I have managed to pay attention to it everyday. The plot is getting better and more well defined and I’m almost set to start writing. I have one or two more things to figure out myself before I’ll feel comfortable with telling the tale. I’m sure things may change and shift as I write but I’d like to have a road map in case I want to take a detour so I can get back on track if I want to.

I decided to write a back cover synopsis. Feel free to tell me what you think.

“Book worms never get into the real action right? That’s what Kielee Card thought before the “locked-room” death of her best friend’s father. Now his ghost is dropping clues in the house and it’s up to Kielee to ferret out who did it and why. Add in a succubus, a school of telepathic fish, and an incomplete ritual to stir a plot not even Kielee could decipher. Can she take her nose out of the antique volumes that draw her or are they just the key to figuring all this out?”