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  • Here I am

    OK….I know I have really fallen down on the job. For what it’s worth I have a good excuse and something coming to make up for it. ย  For the last few months I’ve been dealing with my headaches as they have gotten increasingly worse over time. I’ve also been moving between insurance companies and…

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  • What it’s been like

    It’s been almost 3 months since you’ve heard from me and for that, I greatly apologize. Part of it was not my doing and part of it was. As always I seem to be apologizing to all of you. Have been since 2007 when I first started my podcast. Motivation doesn’t come easy to me…

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  • It was a party…and I had fun!!!

    (Warning: some sexual content involved towards end. Read at your own risk.) Last night Tat and I headed into the city early to go to a book signing for author Susan Wright. She is in the scene and I’ve met her a few times but never really gotten a chance to talk to her much.…

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  • Still alive

    Wanted to check in real quick and let you all know I was still alive. I haven’t been doing much to check in with society in any regard. I haven’t really been playing WoW or writing here. Haven’t written on my book or kept up with friend’s blogs and IM’s. I’ve basically been sleeping, going…

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  • Amusing Snarkisms

    Miss Snark is in Awe “Miss Snark, Like many of your readers, I enjoy seeing the creative riffs that people take on your blog’s name. I think you need just a few more: Snark of the Covenant (code of conduct for Snarklings) Snark the Herald Angels Sing (when you’re in the Christmas spirit later this…

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  • Poke

    Dropping a quick note to say hello. Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes for my Birthday. They were much appreciated. I even got a few email cards from people I don’t remember every speaking with. Weird. Miss Snark has offered up her time and is letting people submit a Synopsis (1000 words…

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  • Quick

    First….happy bday to Tat for Dec 8, 2005…I’m a little late getting it up here for yesterday. She had a decent time with us last night and I gave her a bunch of nail stuff. She has more coming for Saturday when we go out to eat to celebrate her, Daddy’s Mom and Aunt’s bday.…

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  • Being noticed




    It’s honestly amusing the stuff I get excited about. I just love the fact that Miss Snark mentioned me in her blog again! What’s with that?? Read the post to see it all… F I L K It’s quite amazing what you learn before 9am on any given Monday morning here at Snark Central. I…

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  • Kimi Podcast 1

    Kimi Podcast – 1 Ramblings My first ever podcast….mostly me just rambling. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Leave me a comment and tell me that you listened.

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  • The Secrets Podcasts listing

    I found a great bunch of podcasts from Author Micheal Stackpole on how to write. After listening to the first one I ran to get the rest of them. My first podcast rss feed.  He also has a series of newsletters via PDF that are a $1 an issue ($2 an issue for back dated…

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