One for the other

Well I can choose to be annoyed that I didn’t write yesterday or today…or I can be happy that I overcame my soreness and did a decent workout for 45 mins. I think it’s a pretty fair trade.

I got back another set of edits that made alot of sense and am happy that none of the comments prompted a major change to the current work. I can still proceed to Chapter 3 next time I sit down to write. In the mean time Miss Snark is keeping me in stitches. She kills me. I can only hope when I get an agent, they are that cool!

About the soreness…I ended up fighting 3 big guys on Monday that totally kicked my ass. It was good that I fought them because it gives me a realistic idea of what I need to work on so I don’t get beat to death in the first minute of my karate test but on the other hand I’m now totally scared shitless about the test. Daddy says that by then I’ll be tougher, have more stamina, block better so as to avoid getting hit, etc. Here’s hoping he’s right.  I’m just happy that the ability to move without whining has come back. LOL

Daddy melted aluminum today. He’s a god…what can we say.