First….happy bday to Tat for Dec 8, 2005…I’m a little late getting it up here for yesterday. She had a decent time with us last night and I gave her a bunch of nail stuff. She has more coming for Saturday when we go out to eat to celebrate her, Daddy’s Mom and Aunt’s bday.


Hey…don’t feel like writing much but it’s been a few days and I don’t want you to think I’m slacking. I’m still here. I have a monster headache, but that happens when you get the shit beat out of you in karate. Daddy said I kept my hands up and did a great job but it really felt like every punch connected with a force of an atom bomb…especially the last one (which daddy says…did indeed get me on the side). I had one guy tell me it was a good fight (and coming from him who never gives compliments and thinks he’s god’s gift it was nice to hear) another guy who’s in the novice class who was here for tonights told me it was a “tough fight” and did the wonder twins thing with his fist. That was also really nice. Sensei never once made a comment about me not being able to keep up or looking like i’m a not a brown belt. I think he thought I did well. Daddy said I even did better at not getting all upset. I got teary but I held it off.

Nothing to report on writing. I’m hoping to do some this weekend after I do a bit of research.

Things to do tomorrow:

  • Print out my xmas list for Daddy’s parents and send to those who need it
  • Look up podcasting on Itunes
  • Begin converting my music
  • Workout
  • Help with xmas lights
  • Teach
  • Research on book
  • Play a little COV