Dropping a quick note to say hello. Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes for my Birthday. They were much appreciated. I even got a few email cards from people I don’t remember every speaking with. Weird.

Miss Snark has offered up her time and is letting people submit a Synopsis (1000 words or less) until Dec 25th. I wanted to submit something but haven’t finished my plot outline and don’t want to rush something and have it grace the fine halls of the Crap-o-meter as a fine example of why it’s call the Crap-o-meter in the first place.  I did some research and came across some good articles on how to write one and found this link that I think is really handy for writers, especially those who are writing anything involving crime.

I will have to make a page of useful research links but for now you can find them on the side bar menu.

Just a few days until Xmas. I hope you are all doing well, have your shopping done, and are excited about your gifts.

:hugs and kisses: Kimi