Quick Update




Just wanted to keep you up to speed with things. Monday I tried to do some of the clap pushps and fell on my arm bad enough to not be able to use it the rest of the night. Sensei has taken me off pushups for two weeks. Next Monday I have an apt to have a Dr recommend the next course of action about that as well as my headaches so we’ll see how it goes. I”m only a little concerned about being even more behind on pushups with my time off but perhaps a rest will help it. We’ll see.

I’ve been doing quite a few calls on Keen and stuff and it’s nice to be able to take them at 2.49 a min rather then 99 cents. I’m still not getting a ton of calls but at least the few I get have a decent chance of making me some cash. It’s helping with some of my stress. LOL

I took a small break from WoW as I was getting seriously annoyed with not being able to party but I’ve had some decent luck the last few nights with help from Digi. He’s been helping me lv and I like not having to play alone. I’m helping update the Guild site and still taking as much shit as ever from the gang. I set myself up for that though sharing the url to my site and my cam. It’s all good natured though and it’s nice to be loved. LOL

Daddy’s been very supportive of the headaches and the aches and pains. When I try hard and come though he’s there to give me an extra hug and tell me he’s proud of me. It’s really nice.

I’m thinking about getting Kava Kava again. The stress and anxiety has been overwelming lately and I’m not happy to just deal. I can’t see my psychiatrist until two weeks from now so something has to give. We’ll see what he decides.