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Wanted to check in real quick and let you all know I was still alive. I haven’t been doing much to check in with society in any regard. I haven’t really been playing WoW or writing here. Haven’t written on my book or kept up with friend’s blogs and IM’s. I’ve basically been sleeping, going to karate, trying to work out, dealing with anxiety and headaches, and repeating the process.

I guess though actually the only people I’ve really kept up with are a bit with my Mom and Tat. Last Thursday night after karate, I rode a train down to New Brunswick and spent the night with Tat at a hotel. She rented a room for the weekend as a semi-vacation and invited me to join her whenever I wanted. So I went down Thursday night and hung out with her until Daddy joined us on Friday then went home on Saturday morning. Our relationship seems to be getting stronger and I’m really enjoying it. We’ve even had moments in the last month where she’s called me on my cell phone to talk just to me before calling Daddy. She’s had to do that cause every time she calls his cell I hand her off quickly. Usually it’s cause I’m running around but mostly I just assume if she’s calling his line she wants to talk to him. She let me know that wasn’t the case. I’ve called her a few times to just gab or share and it’s really been nice to have her there as that kind of friend. I haven’t had a friend to call since, god…8th grade, and I called her like everyday. LOL

Anyway, we had a nice time on Thursday and Friday. She’s coming down Friday and we’ll be going to see Ice Age 2. Saturday is Daddy and I’s anniversary but as yet there are no plans.  I haven’t even really thought of a gift cause we just have this weird set up really. It’s hard for me to explain because even I don’t really understand it. I do know I’d love to go to Red Lobster soon though. LOL

My Mom sent me two books that are both supernatural romances. I finished the first and it was really good. I have the other to read and I just finished the novella by L.K. Hamilton. It was good too. It’s put me in more of a mood to work on my own book. No thoughts have flow from the sky as to how to solve my problem but it might have a better chance now.

Karate is going ok. Still can’t fight or do pushups. I’m on my 2nd week of my 6 weeks off. It twinges now and then. My abs are good though and he made a comment last class that stated I was above the curve for my class. I’m still in the back though and honestly I worry about how long it’ll be before I get to move back. My other class mate who’s suppose to be in the back with me just didn’t move. People tell me I should just go back up front to but that’s not the right thing to do. :shrugs: Nothing I can do about my choice to be honourable. It sucks and I know I can’t complain for following my self imposed rule but it still sucks.

The headaches are still bad. Part of why I haven’t felt like playing WoW much. I saw the therapist and psych. today. They gave me new anti-depression meds. We are weaning me off of Lexapro and he’s putting me on 30mg of Cymbalta (Duloetine). It’s suppose to also help patients who have chronic pain issues so maybe that will be an extra bonus. We’ll see.

I have an apt with a Neurologist on May 8th. Here’s hoping the pain meds I have last that long. In other news about events coming…Tes Fest is in July as well as Cirque that Daddy, Tat, his mom and I are going to. I’m hoping to have actually lost that last 20 for TesFest. With the work out going like it is, it’s actually possible. I’m currently 152. DragonCon is in Sept and we are set to go to that. Tat I think is going to Dark Odyessy camp as well.

Sa’ll for now.