It was a party…and I had fun!!!

(Warning: some sexual content involved towards end. Read at your own risk.)

Last night Tat and I headed into the city early to go to a book signing for author Susan Wright. She is in the scene and I’ve met her a few times but never really gotten a chance to talk to her much. As it seems to be lately…she knows of me because Daddy owns me and has written about me. So many people seem to know me that I don’t know and I always feel a little awkward when I go to an event or meeting and people are like “Hi!! How are you!!” All I can do is smile and hope they don’t think bad of me for not really knowing them usually. LOL

Anyway, back to Susan.

She had a book signing for her newest book at a new BDSM studio and as Tat had had a really good time last weekend wanted to go into the city for that and other reasons.  She invited me along and I jumped at the chance even though I knew Daddy might be really late getting there (he’d have to teach) and I might be a third wheel. It just seemed like it would be fun. Besides, my hunt for cute tranny-bois continue. LOL

We got in a little after the party already started and met one of Daddy’s good friends (we’ll call him D to offer some amount of privacy) for cheap but good sushi then hit the party. I’d been a little worried I would be quiet and/or morose as I hadn’t had much sleep as of late and I’d been moody besides but I was in really high spirits. Right after we got there, I found the pillow den that convientently gave me an excuse to lounge and give Tat and D some space. They hadn’t asked for it but I didn’t want to horn in on her time. About 15 mins later she came to find me and let me know that I was more then welcome to come up and hang out with them and relieve any fears that I might be stepping on toes if I wanted to flirt a bit myself. I thought that was incredibly sweet of her and promised I’d be up in a minute.

Just before she came down I was about to go purchase Susan’s book as well as let her know that I’d brought my Tarot Cards and was willing to do free readings for extra entertainment for her party. She was engaged in speaking so I sidled up to Barbara Nitke (look at me name dropping) to chat with her since I hadn’t seen her in a long time. When she heard me tell Susan about doing readings she excitedly asked to be first in line.

Officially Barbara is my first real live in person tarot reading and it went REALLY well. I didn’t have my cheater cards so I was a tad more nervous then usual. I’d brought my Guilded Deck. Part of me wants to replace it because it’s been slightly water damaged but that doesn’t seem right, especially since they seem to read really well for me.

I had another man ask to be my next reading and I was thrilled to do another one. Barbara insisted on tipping me for the reading and I have to tell you that while she SO didn’t have to pay for the reading (I’d honestly intended to use it as practice and free entertainment) I was very excited that she was so happy with the reading that she wanted to tip me. Yay me!! LOL

Anyway, I did another reading and that one went very well also. 007 asked for one as well and while his was the shortest reading of the three, he too seemed pleased. So I’m very happy I screwed up my courage to do them. I think I may take them again if I go to a party to keep doing practice readings and to hand out my cards. To bad the telephone number isn’t right anymore on them. I’ll have to order more. :sigh:

Shortly after the readings I got a chance to talk to Susan and buy her book. We seem to have so much in common. She likes Vikings as that is the period of her newest book, her LJ template is the same as mine, we share a thyroid problem so she totally zens the crap you have to deal with for it, she likes fantasy/sci-fi writing, has been asked to attend DragonCon before, and if that isn’t enough (I’m sure there’s more and I’m hoping to get to talk to her more) wrote a book on Georgia O’Keefe. You’d have to be my old best friend to really understand why that’s amusing. We had a creative writing teacher in HS who was in LOVE with Georgia’s work. I can’t see any of her work without thinking of that class and I can pick out one of her pieces from a mile away. LOL

The book party was so inspiring. It makes me want to get busy with my book and maybe having Susan as a friend will encourage me to write more. I have the laptop just waiting for me to take it in the other room and pound out my book. Aside from working out everyday that’s my newest goal; to write or work on the book some how every day. It sounds so cool to think that I too could have a book signing party!!

After talking to Susan a bit I let her get back to her other guests and went to hang out with D and Tat. The futons in this place are amazing and it was heaven to curl up next to D and just hang out and watch people. I poked the bear a bit got some very nice attention. All I’ll say is that he was very sweet to me and I hope that I get to spend more time with him in the future. I can see why he’s so very popular. LOL

Daddy showed up shortly afterwards and in total hit-and-run fashion D thoughtfully provided Daddy with a little taser gun. GOD I hate electricity. I behaved a little badly when Daddy wanted to test it out but I did do it and the little insane creature inside of me whispered…”you know that might be kind of cool in a certain kinda light”.

I’ll say it for you. “What the fuck is on your mind???!”

He tested it out on both Tat and I a few times but we both unhappily survived. He had me ask Susan if it was cool if he used his single tail a bit and she agreed since a bunch of people had already left. Daddy hit Tat a few times and then she came and told me it was my turn. I’d just gotten done having a mini-breakdown over insecurity and self-esteem issues that have been plaguing me recently that D was very sweet about. I threw myself together and went to join Daddy who gave me quite a few good hits to my back. My pain thresh-hold was pretty low so it didn’t take long to make me cry. He told me later that I looked very cute and that he was very happy I so easily came to him without any drama.

Tat pranced back into view right after I got my shirt back on, high on sexual endorphins and replaced me on the cross. I was happy to let her and I went back to D on the futon who told me I handled myself well and gave me encouragement for going right in there and doing it as well as saying he thought it would be a great idea if I came to more parties in the future and perhaps found someone to play with. It was very nice to hear and like many of the compliments I’d been given last night hard for me to accept. So many people told me how happy I looked, how positive I was and what a great vibe they were getting off me. It’s not that I wasn’t happy…I was in manic happy mode but to have had them see me the day before you’d think I was Kimi’s alter-ego and it seemed a bit dishonest somehow. (Que Gremlin)

Overall, I had a really great time. Tat, Daddy, and I went to the diner and had a great post-party pow wow. This morning I got to participate in a mind-blowing orgasm courtesy of Tat. Daddy said he was pretty sure I was going to have an aneurism and they’d have to try and explain it to the ambulance crew. LOL All I can say is it was so nice to be included. I’d just been wrestling with my Gremlin (more on that in another post) when Daddy invited me onto the bed. We so need a King size bed it’s just not even funny. Daddy and Tat agree. And it was so nice to hear Daddy say that that basically capped the night for him.

Per usual of the last week, I had about 3 hours of sleep and now I’m tired but not really sleepy. Daddy says it’s a holiday weekend but I’m still going to try not to give into sleep so easily (again more later). We’ll see. Thanks for reading this long post. Feel free to comment if you like.