Still around

Hey everyone. I’ve still been playing but am getting a handle on my time management. I have dumped one of the roleplay games I started. It was a Laurell K Hamillton game but it turns out that they have about 20 characters and about 5 players so it’s pretty much all the same person. They have no storyteller so it makes getting plots going hard without seeming like a drama queen to them.

The good news is that the other game I first heard about that is VtM is going to start really soon and I know alot of the people who are going to be playing. They all go to the club I hang out the most in. It should be fun but I’m still a little worried about the character I’m going to play. Essentially I’m playing a Malk who thinks a few of her personalities are Nos. Interesting I know. ๐Ÿ˜›

There’s been some drama with people I know and I found a great couple who’s been really sweet to me. We had a good night chilling at their place.

IN Karate news…Monday we changed over to a new art so we are doing take downs. I have a HUGE bruise on my left arm from having to take a kick a few times to get the move right. I’m amused as hell about it. Tonight Sensei kicked our ass with the workout. Daddy sat out cause of a problem so he got to laugh at us all while we tried desperately not to die.

Here’s some pics of me….I made diamond earings tonight. Yay for me.