It’s amazing…you take a pill for 2 days and you think you should automatically be better. Espeically when you manage to spend several hours in row feeling like yourself.

For part of the day I felt like diving under the covers and just hiding. Sleeping sounded SO good. But I needed to get some things done before I headed off to karate to find out if Sensei needed me. Tat came up and she and Daddy drove to Flagg’s to keep him company and take him out to a movie. With the work I needed to do, I asked if anyone would be insulted by me not coming and so I stayed here.

Going into karate could have been better. I took on some responsiblity at the school and there’s been miscommunication about how much responsibility I actually took. So after a talk with Sensei and some clear guidelines of what he wants me to do it’s a little clearer. Sometimes I either wish I got paid for what I did or I just took class. But this has become much more of a job then I origionally planned on it being. Good for my resume…not so hot for my stress level at times.

I went on a low after I came home. Not an insane low…I was still rational but too much time on my hands made me start to question things. A quick call to my mom and then a beep from Adam helped. I feel bad for him…stress with work has been hard on him and his body. I wish I could help him like he’s helped me. I think I did a little.

Anyway…when we had to go to work I decided to get off my butt and work out. It totally helped me feel better about myself. I also decided that if I worked out for 30 mins I’d go and buy myself some brie and crackers. LOL Adam got me hooked on it. So afterwards I went and go that, strawberries, blue berries, and some green tea! The goal…to work out everyday til DragonCon.

This Friday Tat and I are going to Philly to a club and Saturday Daddy, Tat, Adam and I are going to the TESFest Volunteer Party at Bacchus. I’m looking forward to it. Let’s hope the insecurity goes away by then.