Yuck 😛

Well as you can see I’m re-arranging my page. I can’t find the picture that my header came from so you’ll have to suffer with this plain blue one at the top until then. 😛

I went to the beach yesterday with Tatsumi and D. It was so hot! I spent most of my time in the water trying not to turn into cracklin’. It didn’t even look like I got sun when I got home but the redness came up after a few hours. I’m not burnt but I am a little toasty. I’ll end up with a more “human” skin tone when the red fades.

I’m still going into Phily tomorrow night with Tat to a club called Vesago. Should be interesting. We are also going to the TESFest Volunteer Party on Saturday night. Unfortunately, Adam’s pretty seriously ill so I’m being a sweet gf and not hassling him about coming to hang with me. I’ll miss him alot but there will be other opportunities for us to hang out at a club in the future I’m sure. Send all your positive and healthy thoughts his way. The boy’s working damn hard.