Doing better…



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I thought I would take a second and let you all know I’m feeling much better about life. Today was ok but I had a really good talk with Sulis and she helped me focus on a few things I hadn’t really thought about.

Primarily, I figured out what happened to start the ball rolling on my insecurity. It’s really silly, kinda, but knowing has not only helped me realize that it wasn’t a major issue, as well as helped me combat it…but having gotten to address it with the person it pertains to helped at least me understand what was going on. It also helped me realize a need I require to be happy (at least some of the time).ร‚ย I shouldn’t be surprised that they went out of their way to not only understand but to actively help me prevent the anxiety with the info I gave them….but I admit that I’m not use to such a team effort to make me calm my insanity. (not that others don’t try and help…maybe i just never really noticed it as much as this particular event).

Anyway….it really touched me and made me feel good. I know I’m being cryptic but you’ll have to deal. I simply wanted to share the good news that there was a break in the major insecurity. Progress, I feel.

In other good news, I managed to social engineer my way into more Synthroid with a little creative thinking. I still need to go get tested and see the Dr. but I have a little breathing room on time now before I just completely run out of medication. That would have been all I needed…the inability to stay awake combinded with more headaches and higher depression from a low thyroid. God Save me!

Karate was good tonight. We started in on ground fighting and I just love this part of it. I was really proud of myself for pushing through the workout. I SO didn’t want to do it. But I got thru it and pulled me moves off well I thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s it for now.