You might notice…

I wanted to let you know that I’ve updated a bit.

One of the changes I have made, is I have created a mail opt-in form. I would suggest and (like) everyone to join that list because I have gotten notices that… Facebook may be making pages cost money…which would mean I would loose a lot of you. There would be no way for me to contact you to tell you what was going on, give you rewards and give aways, update you on new projects and the like. I would hate to see that happen.

This list is only for me and will not be sold. You will not get email often. Only when there are new updates, I want to tell you about a contest or something special that is happening, etc. These emails will likely go out first before the information I want to share goes up on my blog on my site or here (if it’s posted here).

I know I am asking a lot from you because a lot of you follow my twitter, my website, and my author face book page. After having discussed it with multiple authors who try and let their readers, etc know about what’s going on with them…they suggested a mailing list.

So…all you have to do is either click on this link – or go to my website and join. As an incentive I will give away 5 free copies of my book (coming out in a few weeks) randomly to those who signup.

Thank you for trusting me, if you decide to join.