What would you do?



Ok guys…I have good news, great news, and aaaahhhhhhh…help!

First, I got my second round of edits back from my editor and she said that it was great. That if she didn’t know me at all she’d never think this was my first book. She even compared it to the top three people in my genre (one of whom was Laurell K Hamilton. Can you Imagine how wonderful that felt?

So…the good news is….it’s all set on schedule to get put out. here’s the AAAAAAAHHHHH news….she told me that if I would write the first chapter of the second book…we could include it in this book and she would edit it and help me polish it.

That’s a MAJOR decision. And I have no idea what to do. I have a main plan for what I’d like book two to be about but not the details. I hate to commit a 1st chapter (that can’t be changed once it’s written), not to mention not knowing how long it will take to get the book out. I don’t plan on it taking as long as the first one but….wow…pressure you know?

Someone has suggested, write a short scene (that is a bridge between the two to let readers know there is a bigger story and more books coming. What are your thoughts. Do I not write a short story? or let it go as is?

Do you like it when you get a hint about what’s coming and that something IS coming….Tell me your thoughts.