I have an ISBN Number!!




Ok so I’m really excited! Things are moving along really great. I have decided not to add any bonus material to the end of the book. This means there will be some stories that will go to newsletter holders and some that will be distributed widely. The newsletter signup can be found on the first page of my kimikoalexandre.com site.

I signed up for KDP select (details aren’t important unless you want me to talk about them on Talechasing – just let me know) and I started the CreateSpace part. So I HAVE an ISBN number!!! I did put my kindle book up for pre-order and it says March but I just wanted to make sure I had enough time to get everything right. I don’t expect anyone to go over and pre-order. I’d personally wait until the release date (To be Announced)

I spoke with CL Foster who is awesome! and is doing my formatting. I was going to do my kindle formatting through Scrivener but after talking to her I’ve decided to go through her for that as well as the Print vs and when I know some of the facts she has I can have Starla Huchton (I can never spell her name right) finish my print cover! Both are amazing so if you are doing your own book go look them up for cover work and formatting. Oh and Lori Whitwham for editing!

I just finished the first draft of an audio book I’m doing this month on how to write Crime Fiction. And I’m going to start finishing the proof-reading on Awakened (A Novel of the Guardians) – It’s official title – today. So I should be able to get it to formatting by next weekend. I’m still not giving out a date until I have the formatted stuff in my hot little hands.

I need to do more Tarot readings to make up for the extra costs but other then that things are going GREAT! I’m so excited. I’m scheduled to be on The RoundTable Podcast (theroundtablepodcast.com) on the 18th where we’ll brainstorm for “Guardians 2”) Just so you know….I do know what I want the book to be about…I just don’t know the details yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok…I think that’s all for now. Discuss!
P.S. I do put these posts on my site but it’sย facebook.com/authorkimikoalexandre where we can discuss things!