The back and forth




So I’m back to the back and forth of what to write next. I definitely want to write something next but ….what. And what’s the plot. Plots don’t come easily to me. Talking it over with a few people I get ideas but then it’s be suggested to me that maybe what I want to do Is write serialized fiction. Short stories that I sell for 99 cents and when I get 8 together I make into an omnibus.

I feel so set in my ways of “you must write in book form” and maybe that’s not the way to go. But I don’t know. Then there’s the part of me that’s going “be a trend setter”….write out of the book.

The more I think of it the most the PRN’s want to be their own series that don’t really have a part in Raegan’s world…but how long will someone hold on while I write a PRN when what they want is to know what’s going on with Raegan…and is that where I write these shorts about what’s going on in her world or what is she doing.

These are things that I think writers face…or maybe they don’t. I don’t know. What is your take on all this?