Here I am

OK….I know I have really fallen down on the job. For what it’s worth I have a good excuse and something coming to make up for it.
For the last few months I’ve been dealing with my headaches as they have gotten increasingly worse over time. I’ve also been moving between insurance companies and doctors and it’s take a ton out of me. So the writing and the podcasting were put aside and not for lack of J.R. Murdock’s attempts to get me to. He’s been very patient with me (as always) after we’ve recorded so many good talks for podcasts. And you all have been very patient me (as always) as well.
I don’t know how many more times I can apologize for falling behind or dropping the ball…so I’m just not going to. It starts to fall flat with people. I’m just going to do the best the can with what I’ve got and what projects can pull out my motivation most at the moment.
My current projects are these: Creating Wire Wrapped Jewelry, beginning to start the gym again on a regular basis, and I’ve found a writing group in Second Life. If you’d like to friend me on SL my name is KimiD Darrow. It’s mostly in the form of plays which is so much of a different experience for me. And there is also the possibility of some erotica, though I’m not sure where to post that. Maybe in a folder here specifically labeled Adult. We’ll see.
When I have more jewelry done I’ll give you guys a link to go to if you like. I do post pics of my wip jewelry on my instagram.
I have to double check on the play that I wrote before I can post it. I took the idea from something that someone wrote as a short story. Mine is different but the concept is the same and I just want to make sure not to step on toes. 🙂
Ok…so that’s an update for me! Yay!
Peace Out!
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